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The Netherlands as a food(ie) destination. Yes! Ofcourse!


One country is more proud of its local cuisine than the other country. Ask an average Italian or Frenchman to tell something about a local dish and he will proudly tell you all about it. Ask the average Dutch person to tell something about for example boerenkoolstamppot met worst and he tells you not much more than a bare description of the ingredients of the dish. And maybe tells you to preferably eat it in winter time.


Typical Dutch food? Kroketten, bitterballen, poffertjes. And of course the stroopwafel and Gouda cheese. Anything else? Yes, there will be more, but it is not very special so why bother…


Dutch food is more than stroopwafels and bitterballen. Don’t get us wrong. Stroopwafels and bitterballen are very tasty! You really need to try them once. But The Netherlands has more to offer when it comes to food. The Dutch have a very rich food culture. Not many people know that. Not many Dutch people know that. So this Dutch food magazine is not only for non-Dutch people who are interested in what the Dutch cuisine has to offer, but it’s also for Dutch people who want to learn more about their food heritage.


If you have not (yet) found what you were looking for on this website or if you have further questions, please send an email to info@dutchfoodmagazine.com. We would like to help you!


Eet smakelijk!


Helena Smit

Helena Smit

Founder Dutch Food Magazine

More about Helena:
Eating Habits – promoting food cultures and food travel (in Dutch)
IndoRotterdammert – blog about food travel in Europe and Asia (in Dutch)

I was born and raised in Rotterdam (the second biggest city in The Netherlands) and I still live there. I just love this beautiful city! The love for food developed in my early years. I have an Indonesian mother. In Indonesia it’s dinner time every time of the day and my mother took this custom to The Netherlands (thank God).

I’m graduated as a dietitian and started my own company Eating Habits a few years ago. Eating Habits promotes projects and organizations which operate within the food and travel sector, preferably in a combination of food and travel. I write a lot about food cultures and local dishes in European and Asian countries and came to the conclusion that we Dutchies must be more proud of our own food. Not much later, Dutch Food Magazine saw the light of day.

Helena’s top 3 Dutch food:

1 Stroopwafel

2 Kibbeling

3 Filet American on toast

Wendy Yip

Wendy Yip

Food Photographer

More about Wendy:
Mevr. Yan –  recipes and stories from the Asian kitchen (in Dutch)

I’m a Dutch born Chinese who grew up in The Hague. As a food & restaurant photographer and foodblogger I spend most of my time cooking, eating and taking pictures of food. I love to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Sharing my knowledge, experience and helping others (including my 2 boys) to grow gives me joy.

Wendy’s top 3 Dutch food:

1 Fresly baked bokkenpootjes

2 Raw herring

3 Pannenkoek with banana

Debbie Bodewes

Debbie Bodewes

Recipes, content creator, event planner and food photographer

More about Debbie:
Deb’s Bakery & Kitchen – recipes and articles about food (in Dutch)
Food Creations – creative food concepts

I’m Dutch and grew up in the part that’s know for it’s greenhouses: Westland. My love for food started at a young age and from the day I had my own place I never stopped cooking and baking. This passion evolved in developing recipes but also organising food events and writing about food. My motto is: ‘Food is what connects us. Life’s too short to eat boring food.’

Debbie’s top 3 Dutch food:

1 Wentelteefjes

2 Oliebollen

3 Hutspot




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